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Contemplating 2012
December 29, 2011, 6:39 am
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We’ve gotten through Christmas, and are in the contemplative pre New Year space.

The garden is ticking along, despite getting a bit less love in my convalescence. We went to Ikea this morning and bought a chair sofabed (ie singlebed size). We bought a new futon earlier in month, so now we have sleepover accommodation for my niece and nephew, and we’re looking forward to some sleepovers these school holidays.

The chair was the final big purchase on our home furnishing list… Our next goals are to save enough to pay some extra on the mortgage again, and then replace the rotting wooden window frames in the main living area with ‘heritage’ style aluminum. And the next job after that will be replacing the built-in wardrobes in the bedroom.

I’m on leave til the 9th, and have some outings planned, but will mainly stay home and continue to de-clutter my study and bedroom, to get nice, clean productive spaces organised for the new work year. I’ll be busy (again), and have some work-related trips planned, so I will need a good home base so I don’t get frazzled (which, by extension, frazzles the generally easy-going MrB).

He has gifted me his old smartphone (work upgraded his), and I’ve installed the Home Routines app to help me keep on top of morning & evening household chores, and to remind me to pack my swimming bag so I can do my pre-work laps twice a week.

I don’t have any resolutions as such… Just want to maintain the balance I finally managed to establish mid last year, while extending myself just that little bit more at work. And get my learner’s permit and some driving lessons, so I can make 2012 the year of driving!


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