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A frenzy of gardening
November 6, 2011, 2:42 am
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A couple of weeks ago, Mr B & I got stuck into the front yard. We pulled out all the overgrown snow peas & other plants, harvested the garlic & added lots of goodness, including a topdressing of new humus (leftover from the cubic meter he bought for the new raised bed).

In the new gaps, I planted watermelon ( a compact variety),tatsoi & beetroot seeds, all of which have germinated this week. I also planted some eggplant & eggplant, which is yet to show itself.

This weekend we went to the nursery to spend a gift voucher I got for my birthday. I bought to blueberry plants, some azalea food to keep them happy, an advanced eggplant seedling ( so we get at least one plant), some basil seedlings (as above), some zucchini seedlings (since my homegrown versions were not very successful last year), and a jalapeño (ditto).

Today we cleared the no-dig bed out back where the broad beans, coriander & Chinese celery were going wild, topped it up with humus, and planted out 2 of the zucchini & the chilli ( plus some coriander seeds). I popped some of the basil around assorted beds in front & back, and added the last of the zucchini & the advanced eggplant in the raised beds in the front yard. While I was working, I harvested more cavalo nero & broccoli. After a drenching of seaweed was applied to front & back yards, my work in the garden was done for the day.

All going well, the next few months will bring us harvests of: cherry tomatoes, cucumber, basil, chilli, ruby chard, rocket, parsley, Chinese celery, coriander, zucchini, eggplant, lettuce (in the shade), beetroot, pumpkin, peaches and watermelon (& maybe even some limes).

I’m still contemplating where to plant the purple king beans. I loved them over autumn, but I’m starting to seriously run out of space.


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