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Anyway project for November
October 27, 2011, 11:42 pm
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This will be my last ‘Anyway’ post for the year… I’m having surgery in early December, & my primary goal will be recovery 🙂 Again, I’ll bold anything we completed inOctober, then revise or add new goal.

Domestic Infrastructure:   I started dealing with the boxes in my study, and spring cleaning…still plugging along with both. The main goal this month was purchase a water-efficient, energy-efficient front loader – done! We also got the pantry cupboard for the backroom AND the new rainwater tank. This month the plan is to purchase the dust & mould free (ie brand new) futon for the fold-out sofa bed,  & an armchair/single folding bed combo for my study, for kid sleepovers.

Household Economy: We did a little more advance Christmas shopping in October, and transferred  $5k onto the principle of the mortgage, as planned. This month’s goal is basically stay on budget – we have rates, home & contents insurance, a vet’s bill and my surgery to pay for before Christmas. I need to come up with a couple more homemade Xmas gift ideas, I think. I’m currently setting aside $50 from each pay, so MrB & I hae a bit of holiday playmoney.

Resource Consumption:    We’re still keeping peak electricity use down to an absolute minimum. The new rainwater tank & front loader should help us cut down our water usage considerably this summer. Mr B is tracking our solar production and gas, electricity & water usuage daily, so we’ll have good records.

Cottage Industry and Subsistence  We planted out our herb hedge, which is growing well, as well as some summer veggies. The tomatoes, cucumber, pumpkin, rocket & ruby chard are all firing along. This month I’ll start some zucchini, capsicum , beans & eggplant.

Family and Community: We had a lovely lunch at home with members of the urban family, and I took my niece to visit my Dad in the country. This month I’m planning to babysit my niece & nephew, hang out with my goddaughter & her new baby, & generally enjoy a social time.

Outside Work: October’s  goal was complete all my paperwork, & get project number two moving again. Most of this is done. November will involve lots of organisation for the new year – most of it very enjoyable, so I’m looking forward to it.

Time and Happiness: I tried the local beauty college’s student clinic, and will go back this month. I also booked in for some long procrastinated surgery. This month’s goal is to maintain the better balance I have in my life at the moment by continuing regular exercise &  reduced booze consumption, and getting plenty of sleep.


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