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A quick spring update
October 23, 2011, 9:37 am
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I have been doing a lot lately… ‘life’ is finally starting to balance out ‘work’. I’m still doing a lot, but some of the cashflow issues my dept was having this year are easing, and work in general is much more satisfying than it was in the first half of the year.

And in the better home and garden?

The big news is we have a new 3000 litre rainwater tank for our back garden. It’s tucked in under the patio, & gets no direct sun, so we’ve gone for plastic over stainless steel this time. MrB & a friend plumbed it in on Saturday, and included an ingenious pipeline that will take the tank overflow out & along the raised bed to the pumpkins once the tank is full.

After our old washing machine died at the beginning of the month, we bought a front loader that only uses 56 litres a load, so with two tanks and much less water used for laundry, our usage should be much reduced this summer.

On the planting front, I sowed some ruby chard & rocket at the new moon, and it’s all pretty frisky now. We put the black passion fruit in against the shed this weekend, and Mr B constructed a magnificent trellis for it. He also fashioned a sturdy ‘dog guard’ from a piece of scrap metal, to keep the pup at bay.

We harvested another bag of potatoes last week, and I’ve started pulling up the odd clove of early garlic I planted in winter. We’re also still harvesting broad beans, chickweed, nasturtium leaves, snow peas, Tuscan kale, coriander, and parsley.

We have some volunteer tomatoes, plus lots of cherry tomato seedlings doing well. Now we need some rain for the tanks, and I’ll be a happy girl indeed.


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