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Anyway project for October
September 30, 2011, 3:11 am
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October already! Again, I’ll bold anything we completed in September, then revise or add new goal.

Domestic Infrastructure:   I started dealing with the boxes in my study, and spring cleaning. That goal carries forward though. The washing machine has breathed (spun?) its last, so main goal this month is purchase a water-efficient, energy-efficient front loader. We’re also planning to buy a pantry cupboard for the backroom, a dust & mould free (ie brand new) futon for the fold-out sofa bed, and eventually a new rainwater tank for the backyard & an armchair/single folding bed combo for my study, for kid sleepovers.

Household Economy: We’re going to do a little more advance Christmas shopping this month – puzzles for the two one-year olds in our lives.  Last month the goal is to keep building up our next lump sum to the point that we can move another 10k over to the actual mortgage account in October. We did save the money, but due to all the planned purchases I listed above, we’ll just transfer $5k at this stage.

Resource Consumption:    We’re still keeping peak electricity use down to an absolute minimum. The new rainwater tank & front loader should help us cut down our water usage considerably this summer.

Cottage Industry and Subsistence  We bottled the Christmas Pudding Vodka, cleared out the front garden beds, and start some spring planting. This month we’ll plant out our herb hedge, put in new sweet potatoes, and keep starting seeds for summer veggies.

Family and Community: We continued the family visits & a bit of gentle socialising with friends – including a wedding, a christening and the welcome of a new baby to the extended family. This month we’re planning a lunch at home ith members of the urban family, and I’ll be visiting my Dad in the country.

Outside Work: I did my coaching homework, and successfully completed my course. I was hoping to get 2 final project reports signed off, and get a new contract signed, and I’ll be running some training for another organisation. All but one is done (one of my project partners is dragging the chain). So this months goal is complete all my paperwork, & get project number two moving again!

Time and Happiness: I did finally get to the Factory Outlet Store to get a new juicer, but was slack with the Spring Fitness challenge. I started swimming twice a week, though, which has been great for my back, and kept up the monthly massage & monthly pedi & wax, too. I’ve found a local beauty college, and will try their student clinic this month. I am also booking in for some long procrastinated surgery, that I hope will give me much easier periods, & more happiness/energy as a result.


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