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Anyway project for August
July 28, 2011, 6:32 am
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July was busy (as demonstrated by the dearth of posts). However, I’m getting in early to set goals for August.  Again, I’ll bold anything we completed in July, then revise or add new goal.

Domestic Infrastructure:   This month my goal was to finish setting up my area of the bedroom; and get my study set up properly. And I got about half way there – an overseas trip & my last month of my permaculture course slowed me down. So bedroom & study are carry over goals – with added dining room!

Household Economy: Last month’s goal is to get some big bills paid, and still get our offset account into credit again.  This month we’ll get the rates paid (after the bill was delayed). This will add the final piece to the ‘fixed expenses’ budget, so we can work out how much we’re spending per month. And now we’re back in credit, the next goal is to get saving.

Resource Consumption:   We’re still being very mindful with our electricity use, and are continuing to collect freebie  firewood at every opportunity. This month we’re off to a friend’s farm for firewood. We’re also being careful re using minimal electricity in ‘peak’ hours ie 2pm-8pm weekdays. We’re also using the microwave or toaster oven to heat things like pies & taco shells, rather than turning on the electric oven.

Cottage Industry and Subsistence: I completed my individual PDC project, a design of our backyard. This weekend we’ll present our group project, and get our certificates! We’re still eating tons of salad and root veg from our garden (huzzah for homegrown turnip & daikon). I planted extra beetroot, but will be looking at getting some new plants going in the mini-greehouse this month, AND I need to bottle the limoncello I made for Xmas gifts (it will have lots of time to mellow). I’ll also look at implementing some of my design plans, now MrB has heroically cleared all the cacti & pricklies from our side beds.

Family and Community: Our social life has revived slightly… we had lots of Saturday outings over the last couple of weeks, with more planned this month. We’ll host a lunch for my sis & her family this month (we need my BIL’s help to get our new/2nd hand table in the house, now Mr B has polished it up).

Outside Work: Last month I’m went to an international conference, hosting an international guest speaker, and got a new project started… this month I’m getting some coaching through work, and hopefully hooking up with *my* mentor in our formal mentoring program. I’ll also start a short coaching course, to improve my own skills.

Time and Happiness:   July’s goal was to walk the pup a lot, make time for massages & general girlie maintenance. I did ok there, but due to a nasty post-travel cold, was not great on the exercise. Time to get back into it. I have also started to focus on getting adequate protein for breakfast, and making sure I stay off sweets as much as possible during the day – much better for my overall wellbeing & energy levels. This month’s goal is to get a juicer, so I can start daily juices to help stave off creeping arthritis (damn you middle age!).


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