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A WTF!? Australia post (aka a rant)
July 15, 2011, 12:59 am
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Aside from a couple of dodgy moments of using sex-work as a metaphor, I could not agree more with this piece by Geoff Lemon at The Drum.

For those who do not know, Australia is introducing a tax on carbon emissions, to encourage polluters to change their practices, and low-income households are being compensated for potential price rises. The compensation cuts out at $110 000, and people are squealing over it… egged on by some very lazy reporting

As Lemon puts it:

Far from being objective carriers of information, media outlets have been trying to manufacture furore. “Families earning more than $110k will feel the pain of the carbon tax,” warned the Herald-Sun, straightfaced. “Households face a $9.90 a week jump in the cost of living.”


Cry me the mothertrucking Nile.

For the record, my household earnings are over the cutoff point, & MrB & I have no problem with paying the dreaded $10 a week extra (yes, a whole $5 each!) to reduce carbon emissions. I saw a post on one blog claiming that because that because the poster & her husband were not receiving a subsidy (based on their combined income of $150k), she had ‘no incentive’ to work hard. She is entitled to say that on her post, but this is my blog & I call bullshit.

Frankly, I believe government support should go to people who NEED it. People who work hard on low wages, unemployed or underemployed people, people who have disabilities or chronic conditions, people who are carers. I CANNOT comprehend the sense of entitlement I see from people on six figure incomes who seem to think they ‘deserve’ middle-class welfare, because they are ‘doing it tough’.  I would advise they read this article, and this one, and then think again about how hard their lives really are.


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