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Anyway project for July
July 3, 2011, 10:07 am
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And it’s July – time to review & set goals. As with last month, I’ll bold anything we completed in June, then revise or add new goal.

Domestic Infrastructure:  The front rooms are finished! We’ve moved back into the bedroom, and I’ve started into my study. The pictures for the two rooms are framed and I can pick them up tomorrow. I’ve been pretty good at keeping up with bathroom, cooking & laundry, and we are seeing great progress after 6 weeks of dog club. AND we found a beautiful 2 metre parquetry timber table and eight chairs on ebay for $350, so the dining room will come together soon, too. This month my goal is to keep up with all these habits, to finish setting up my area of the bedroom; and get my study set up properly.

Household Economy: June’s goal was to sit down a couple of times, and sort the spreadsheet out. Didn’t happen! But we did put another 10k on the principle of the loan. We also chased up our water tank rebate & solar credits, and submitted all the paperwork to get our refund cheque from our old electricity providers (which should cover all but $20 of our bill). This month’s goal is to get some big bills paid, and still get our offset account into credit again.

Resource Consumption:   We’re still being very mindful with our electricity use, and are continuing to collect freebie  firewood at every opportunity. We’ll keep this up, & continue the search for small rainwater tanks for the back yard.

Cottage Industry and Subsistence: I’m starting the last month of my permaculture design certificate. This month I’ll finish my individual & group projects, and graduate. Garden-wise, I’ve had a steady harvest of beans, rocket, parsley, tatsoi, lettuces, lemons and the occasional turnip. Missed my root veg planting in June, will put more in this month.

Family and Community: I found the 6 day a week intensity of full time work plus permaculture class 9-5 on Saturday to be very full-on, so didn’t make it to the local permie meeting. We did have some good visits with frinds and family though, and will celebrate the aquisition of our new table and chairs with a dinner for friends in July.

Outside Work: I continued my relationship with my mentee, asked a senior colleague for some mentoring myself,and attend some training at work. This month I’m off to an international conference, hosting an international guest speaker, and getting a new project started… I think that’s goals enough.

Time and Happiness:   June’s goal was to walk the pup a lot, make time for massages & general girlie maintenance. I will keep at all that this month, and try and do some yoga & pilates (using DVDs) at least once a week, too.


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