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Moving & shaking
June 22, 2011, 10:33 pm
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The front two rooms are finished, thanks to the hard & meticulous work of the lovely MrB (he checks this blog sometimes).

I assisted with moving the bed & bedside tables in last night. I have 2 surprise days at home (I applied for leave in order to do some sideline work, but the job was postponed) so today will be spent getting the bedroom sorted, and tomorrow will be devoted to organising my study. Both the bedroom and study are beautiful, & I am SO looking forward to knowing where all my clothes & books are again.

Once the front rooms are organized, the next major house tasks (in no particular order) will be:

Wipe down futon/sofa bed frame with eucalyptus oil, & buy a new, mould-free futon so we will have a guest bed that doesn’t trigger anyone’s allergies.

Get an armchair sofa bed from ikea, so we have a single kid sleepover bed (and a comfy chair for my study).

Find a second hand dining table & chair setting that we both like. I ‘d like it to seat 8-10, so we can easily feed visitors ( probably using leaves to extend).

Setup the little room off the kitchen so MrB can put a desk in, perhaps with shelving for bulk storage (we’re currently using the laundry, but it is the worst inulated room in the house.

Install doggie door.

Get leak in roof fixed.

Most of these jobs involve spending $$ to a greater or lesser degree, but we are doing ok with our budget – we have been consistently ahead $500 a month, and we have just put an extra 10k on the mortgage principle. The sleepover chair & futon need to be new due to our guests assorted dust & mould allergies, but we’re more than happy to buy second-hand dining table & chairs.


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