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Anyway project for June
June 1, 2011, 5:06 am
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Ok, time to review & set goals. I’ll bold anything we completed in May, then revise or add new goals for June.

Domestic Infrastructure:  Painting the bedroom was the May goal … the weather has turned nasty, but MrB thinks he’ll have finished by mid-June. My goal then will be to move into my study.. and hang the pictures we’ve chosen for both rooms. This means I need to pull my finger out & get them framed. My other goal is to keep up a regular swish & swipe of the bathroom, and stay ahead on laundry & cook-ahead meals over winter. And keep up with the pup’s training now we’ve found a dog club to take her to!

Household Economy: We didn’t do any work on our spreadsheet, nor did we put another $10k on the principle of the loan. In fact, we spent a lot of $$! June’s goal is to sit down a couple of times, and sort the spreadsheet out.

Resource Consumption:   The May goal was –  minimise electricity usage during this period, especially with the real guzzlers like the dryer (which we only use as a last resort anyway) & the oven. Remember to hit the switch that turns off all the ‘standby’ gear (we use a switch from Multi-powered products). We did well on this, and scored lots of firewood for this winter, and next. June goal is continue to be careful with electricity, and continue the search for small rainwater tanks for the back yard.

Cottage Industry and Subsistence: May’s goal was – plant more snowpeas and chinese greens (which are going really well) … and start a part-time permaculture design certificate course with Milkwood. I’m 3 weeks into the course, so that carries over! Will plant more root veg this month, too.

Family and Community: Our goal for May was to go to a meeting of the local permaculture group, to get to know some of the like-minded people in the area, and host another meal for friends. We didn’t manage all of this, but spent lots of time with our families in May. There is a local permie meeting next Friday, so will make that (plus at least 2 visits with friends) a June goal.

Outside Work: May’s goal was to continue building that relationship, and attend some networking and training events, as I begin to think about what my goals are for the next few years, and whether or not I really want to go for promotion. I achieved a lot there, so my goal for this month is to keep at it!

Time and Happiness: My goal for May was celebrate my birthday,  get some pampering time in my diary, and walk the pup everyday. I did walk the pup a lot… though not everyday, and will continue that. June’s goal is make time for massages & general girlie maintenance.


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