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Cold snap & routines
May 12, 2011, 11:51 pm
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The east coast of Australia is experiencing an unusually cold autumn, as a result of the La Nina half of the El Nino/La Nina cycle. So far I’m staving off the bugs with big doses of olive leaf extract, but it’s a bit rough having winter weather this early. The house is staying nice & warm, thanks to the double brick, the north-east facing bedroom and the woodstove, but we are going to have to buy a load of firewood very soon – we didn’t expect to be using it this fast.

I’m starting to feel a bit nervous about the prospect of losing my Saturdays to the permaculture course… not because I’m not keen to do it (I am), but because I tend to do a lot of prep for the working week over the weekend, and now it will all be squeezing into one day. Time to start some Flylady routines, I think, in order to stay on top of things.

Recently I’ve been in the habit of emptying or loading the dishwasher while my coffee comes through (I use a stovetop espresso). I’m going to need to add: organising clothes for the next day on the night before work and a swish and swipe of the bathroom in the mornings, I think. I’m also considering menu-planning again… we did this while we had the Food Connect box, but I’ve been playing it by ear recently.


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I can’t believe how popular flylady is! Hope you find yourself in a good routine to get everything done and enjoy the course.

Comment by Tammy McLeod

Thanks Tammy. Hope you’re enjoying your Spring.

Comment by MsBetterhomes

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