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A weekend of domesticity
May 8, 2011, 11:21 pm
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I had a well-rounded weekend – cooking AND gardening:

I cut back some eggplant and marigolds that were shading the front garden, and planted red cabbage, more snowpeas,  pak choy and broccoli.

We have a few radishes and beetroot ready to harvest this week, so I’m thinking a nice risotto or roast veggie salad is in order.

I harvested another 3 kilos of eggplants, and even after giving some away, I still had plenty to preserve, so came up with a strategy based on some Italian recipes I found online. (In my searching I discovered this wonderful archive from Mietta’s in Melbourne).

Most of the recipes I found were 3 day affairs (ie salt overnight, brine for a day etc), but I went for the express version. I used the food processor to slice them very thinly, salted them for a few hours, squeezed the juices out, then blanched them in a boiling water/vinegar mix. I mixed the drained, blanched slices with olive oil, fresh herbs, crushed garlic and dried chillies, packed them tightly in clean bottles, then topped with extra oil & popped them in the back of the fridge. The vinegar, plus the oil ‘seal’ on the bottles should mean they stay fresh through the winter – I’ll use them on pizzas, & in toasted sandwiches.

I also made a new batch of Terry Romero’s super-easy steamed white seitan. I froze 3 pieces, but used the 4th to make a batch of  pumpkin rotis (using mountain bread wraps), based on the Moosewood recipe. My version was not low-fat – I used coconut milk in the filling… but it was delicious, and I’ll definitely make it again.


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