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Seven MORE reasons to eat at home
May 5, 2011, 2:41 am
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I was taking a blog-reading break today and came across this post by Agrigirl, with her ten top reasons to eat at home (inspired by this post, with seven more good reasons).

They certainly resonated with me – almost all my meals are home-made these days, whether I eat at home or at work. As a vegetarian who avoids eggs & dairy, I can add 7 more:

1) My menu options are not restricted to the sole vegetarian item on the menu (usually a bland veggie burger, pasta or risotto) and/or a green salad.

2) If I cook at home I can eat something truly delicious minus eggs, dairy and/or white flour (this is rarely possible anywhere other than a Thai restaurant, and there’s often hidden fish sauce in Thai food).

3) I can use wonderful recipes from vegan cookbooks, applying techniques like caramelisation and reductions to make my meal delicious without excess fat or salt (amazingly few restaurant chefs apply these techniques to veggie dishes).

4) Some (and occasionally lots) of the ingredients come straight from my garden.

5) There’s no charge for filtered water, we pay regular retail price for the wine (or home-brew); and there’s no corkage or cakeage fee.

6) I can eat in my pyjamas.


7) By avoiding ordinary restaurant meals most of the time, we save our funds for extraordinary degustations with matching wine for birthday and holiday celebrations (lots of top Sydney restaurants do veggie degustations now… including the one we’re going to for my birthday treat next week).


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