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Anyway project for May
April 28, 2011, 3:52 am
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I have a couple of days home with the pup, so thought I’d review our goals for April, and set some for May

Domestic Infrastructure: We planned to have both my study and our bedroom will be completely painted by the end of April. Unfortunately, some of the wall needed new render, so we weren’t ready to paint over the weekend. Plus, MrB has had a chest-cold for about 3 weeks, and sanding is not his favoured activity in his recovery time. We went to plan B, by setting up a better interim workspace for me, which will be fine for the next month. Painting the bedroom is the May goal now.

Household Economy: We aimed to set up a tracking system for household running costs (groceries, bills etc). We have started up a spreadsheet now, so the goal for May is to get all the figures entered, and put another $10k on the principle of the loan.

Resource Consumption:  April’s goal was getting a chimney sweep out to check the chimney on the combustion stove before it starts getting cold. ‘Tis done – and we’re glad we had it swept before we lit the fire, as there were 2 bird’s nests in the chimney. Mr B’s business partner had his old hardwood fence replaced, so we have that for firewood, and have already had a couple of fires on cooler nights to get used to the stove. We did some research on the new electricity charges, and noted that the ‘peak’ period is 2-8pm weekdays (except for public holidays). The May goal is to make sure we minimise electricity usage during this period, especially with the real guzzlers like the dryer (which we only use as a last resort anyway) & the oven. We also need to remember to hit the switch that turns off all the ‘standby’ gear (we use a switch from Multi-powered products)

Cottage Industry and Subsistence: I planted strawberries, spuds, garlic and greens this month, and harvested lots of basil, eggplant and salad bits and pieces. Despite a ton of work and travel, I attended (and loved) the Natural Beekeeping course, presented by Tim Malfroy and Milkwood Permaculture. This month I’ll plant more snowpeas and chinese greens (which are going really well) … and start a part-time permaculture design certificate course with Milkwood. I’m really looking forward to it!

Family and Community: Our main goal was spending time with my sister & her family, and visiting with my Dad. We did this last weekend, and also had some friends over for lunch, which was lovely. My goal for May is to go to a meeting of the local permaculture group, to get to know some of the like-minded people in the area, and host another meal for friends.

Outside Work: I had my first meeting with my mentee, and we set some good goals for working together. This months goal is to continue building that relationship, and attend some networking and training events, as I begin to think about what my goals are for the next few years, and whether or not I really want to go for promotion.

Time and Happiness: This has actually been a hard one this month, with so much work & travel. I am increasingly feeling happiest at home! I didn’t use ANY of my coupons, so my goal for this month is to celebrate my birthday,  get some pampering time in my diary, and walk the pup everyday.


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