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What I learned about natural beekeeping
April 27, 2011, 2:11 am
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I went to a weekend course on natural beekeeping a couple of weeks ago, presented by Tim Malfroy, a second generation beekeeper who runs the Malfroys Gold premium honey label.

It was incredibly enlightening to learn so much about the ways that bees work together, the way wild hives are built and tended, and the ways that honey production was industrialised at the cost of the bees’ health (and the health of the rest of the food chain).

Apparently pollination was low in NSW this year, as our wet spring meant the nectar was washed out of the flowers & the bees stayed out of the rain. I did learn, though, that we have a natural beekeeper in our neighbourhood (a graduate of Tim’s 2010 course) who had a very good year. Given that bees can forage up to 5 kilometres from home, and we have lots of bees in our garden, I suspect we are benefitting from his hive.

Given that, and other factors (MrB is puff-up-and-choke allergic to bee-stings, our yard is small and our puppy is nosey), so I don’t see honeybee tending in my near future. But I did learn amazing things – some scary, some incredibly joyful.


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