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Anyway project for April
March 25, 2011, 6:15 am
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I just realised Sharon Astyk got in early for her update! As I’m going away for the first week of April, and we’ve had major progress here, I thought I may as well set my April goals too.

Domestic Infrastructure: Our March goal was finish work on my study, and get it set-up for work. This is neeearly done. All going well, both my study and our bedroom will be completely painted by the end of April (Mr B has big plans). I have a week off after Easter, and plan to do major organising in the study AND bedroom then.

Household Economy: My goals were: set up tracking system for household running costs (groceries, bills etc). Find a better deal on current credit card, or cancel if a better deal can’t be found. And I didn’t do either one – though I did pay the cc and all bills in a timely way to avoid any interest or fees, so I guess I was keeping track UN-systematically. And we paid 10k off the principle of our mortgage in a one-off payment, which is definitely A Good Thing. We have a mortgage offset account, and have been putting all our groceries on my card, then paying at the end of the month, so we have a record of how much we’re spending. We just need a workable system for tracking. I’ll add that to my ‘week off’ project list.

Resource Consumption: The rainwater tank is full, and we have worked out that it takes about 100 litres to water the entire front veggie garden with tank water. We have paid our first water bill for this house, so have a benchmark figure for reducing our usage. We FINALLY re-introduced the ‘bucket in the shower’ system for catching extra water, which the puppy raids frequently. This month’s goal is getting a chimney sweep out to check the chimney on the combustion stove before it starts getting cold. We’ve been on a campaign of picking up tree-loppings from the side of the road, but they’re not well seasoned yet, so we may also need to investigate a local source for firewood.

Cottage Industry and Subsistence: Harvested LOTS of eggplant, made eggplant pickle and eggplant pasta sauce for freezing. Made lots of batches of plain sauce and pesto, too. I planted beans, silverbeet (aka chard), cabbage, radishes, daikon, turnips, lettuce (no frosts here), strawberries and more sweet potato.This month I’ll prepare another perennial bed, clear out the eggplant (when they finally finish!), and plant potatoes, broccoli, more snow peas, asian greens and herbs, and yet more strawberries. I also need to pickle or freeze our surplus chillis. And I’m doing an Urban Beekeeping course this month – very intrigued.

Family and Community: this month we hosted my mum’s birthday, gave lots of eggplant to the neighbours. This month I’ll be travelling like a lunatic for work, so I find it really hard to set a specific goal, other than spending time with my sister & her family, and visiting with my Dad who’s in town over the break. I’ll need to keep thinking about this. In the broader sense of community, I did some pro-bono work for a very good organisation this week, and was very pleased with the outcomes.

Outside Work: I moved to my new office, which is great. I signed up as a mentor in our in-house program last month, and have been matched with a mentee. So this month’s goal is to get that relationship established. I’ve also been doing some informal mentoring, which has been going pretty well.

Time and Happiness: I have continued to avoid non-mindful drinking, and as a consequence am off alchohol most nights of the week. I’m still moving a lot & feeling good. This month’s goal is to get to yoga, and use the vouchers I have for a facial and a massage.


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