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Supermarket dramas
March 23, 2011, 9:30 pm
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Coles and Woolworths supermarkets constitute an effective duopoly in Australia, and they’ve been widely criticised both for their pricing policies, and for the effect they haveon their Australian suppliers (particularly small farmers).

Since Aldi supermarkets launched here, the big two have been discounting hard to compete. Last year Coles got slapped with a Choice consumer association Shonky Award for their ‘Feed your family for $10’ campaign, fronted by chef Curtis Stone.

Woolworths have launched a campaign now, fronted by Australian cooking legend and no-nonsense thrifty cook, Margaret Fulton, who promises that each recipe is costed down to the last cent. When I watched the ad for the new campaign, I thought it was a stroke of genius – who in the world could doubt Margret Fulton’s integrity? Woolworths, one, Coles, nil.

BUT – the campaign has been tagged ‘Honest to Goodness’, which has understandably peeved the lovely people at Honest To Goodness organic foods (from whom I have purchased bulk items like maple syrup & tahini in the past). Honest To Goodness have challenged Woolworths over their use of the slogan, and the supermarket stands to lose millions if the action is successful.

This will all be sorted out in court, and it’s very likely that the Fulton campaign will go ahead. However, the perception that Woolies has stomped on a small business specialising in organic foods will, I think, somewhat take the edge off a promotional strategy designed to encourage consumers to associate the supermarket chain with integrity, honesty and fresh food.


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