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Autumn planting
March 13, 2011, 1:31 am
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Earlier this week I put in some perpetual silverbeet, some ruby silverbeet, some rocket and some Tuscan kale ( my all time favorite). I planted them all into little balls of worm casting, which I hope will keep them nice and moist, and give them a turbo charged start. I gave the cos lettuce seed heads a good shake, too, so they could do the planting for me.

Today’s planting has included a big sprinkling of Green Harvest ‘good bug mix’ under the frangipani, and a row of purple king beans along the trellis at the back of one of my front garden beds. I’ll put snow peas in along the other trellis when I pull out the tomatoes.

I’m going to pull out the zucchini today, and use the remaining flowers and baby veg in a risotto tonight. I’ll lay down some compost in the spaces it leaves behind, and plant some cabbage, broccoli, garlic chives & calendulas.

I ordered 3 kg of seed potatoes from Green Harvest today, which I’m going to try in planter bags ( so they don’t take over the yard). I also ordered 8 strawberry plants, which I’ll put in the (yet to be completed) no- dig bed around the base of the passionfruit.

In a week or so (ie around the full moon), I’ll put in some parsnips (an experiment!), carrots, beetroot & turnips. I’m keen to see how productive we can be with root vegetables – it’s the first time I’ve had enough space to really try. And my other full moon planting is garlic! I bought the Diggers Club early garlic pack ( for a November harvest), and they are quietly chilling in the fridge until the end of March. We have 3 different kinds, and I’m looking forward to seeing which grow best in Sydney.


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