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Anyway project for March
March 3, 2011, 9:49 pm
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Work was crazy again in Feb. I am discovering what it means to be ‘management’, eep. Mr B & I celebrated 6 years as a couple (and the fact that we are now recognised as ‘de facto’ spouses according to state law). The pup is fully recovered from her health crisis. And so to March…

Domestic Infrastructure: Feb goal was- STILL need to finish unpacking & sorting bedroom. MARCH GOAL I have admitted it’s not possible to finish the bedroom til Mr Betterhome has finished renovating my study (he is doing a beautiful, meticulous job & is nearly there). So the goal is finish renos, then set up the study… which should have a flow-on effect.

Household Economy: Feb’s goal is carried to March- set up tracking system for household running costs (groceries, bills etc). Find a better deal on current credit card, or cancel if a better deal can’t be found.

Resource Consumption: The rainwater tank has been connected and has (a little) water in it, hurrah!. We still need to re-introduce ‘bucket in the shower’ system for catching extra water. Investigate greywater options for using laundry rinse water in the backyard.

Cottage Industry and Subsistence: Planted late tomatoes, sweet potatoes, asian veggies and asparagus. Harvested a bucket of eggplant! Need to feed fruit trees, feed up garden beds for winter veggies. Make more pesto & eggplant pickle.

Family and Community: We still want to host an easy curry dinner for 6-8 with urban family members. Work has been so nuts this STILL hasn’t happened. So it’s a must for March.

Outside Work: Had a performance review, and also a coaching session, to help me think in career terms, not just current job terms. Have identified a new assistant, who can start in a few weeks – a really capable guy who is also a friend (though not such a close friend as to cause dramas). March goal – move offices.

Time and Happiness: Have decided to cancel gym, and focus on yoga & walking. Am continuing to be mindful around food & booze – ie limit wine/beer consumption to 2 nights a week. I am sleeping better, and less puffy/sluggish as a result.


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