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Food security in Australia
March 1, 2011, 11:05 pm
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The recent cyclones & floods here, plus the political upheaval in the Middle East, seems to have a lot of people thinking about food security. Here’s a very interesting overview (with audio) from the Australian School of Business – Selling off Australia: Where Food Security Hits the Hotplate. Here’s a quote from the article:

Ian Dunlop, an advisor on governance and sustainability, is also watching the race between governments and private interests to acquire arable land and water around the world. These present big investment opportunities for hedge funds, he notes. A former chair of the Australian Coal Association and chief executive of the Australian Institute of Company Directors with wide experience in the international energy industry, Dunlop believes conventional market forces will be inadequate to handle the problem of food security without the world getting into trouble. “Relying on market forces is guaranteed to build a major conflict over the availability of food around the world in the next few decades,” he says.”Relying on conventional market forces will result in the wealthy winning, prices going through the roof and will create the framework for a major conflict.”

When the CEO of the Institute of company directors advises against relying on market forces, you know something big is shifting.


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omg but thank you for sharing. Thanks for being a leader on this topic. the world is changing and our part in the change is important.

Comment by Tammy McLeod

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