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Sunday in the kitchen and garden
February 13, 2011, 12:14 am
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We took a run to Bunnings yesterday, and used a holiday gift voucher to stock up on manure, compost & potting mix. I have to say, I am dearly looking forward to the day we we have a good supply of compost & worm & chook poo of our own, but right now demand still outstrips supply.

I planted tatsoi, pak choi, snow peas, Chinese celery & broccoli and coriander in the no- dig bed in the backyard. Even though it’s late in the season for beans, I put some in with the sweet potato out front – the soil an use some help, so I’ll be happy for the green mulch even if we don’t get many beans.

I also planted some seeds from an unlabeled packet. I think they’re spinach, but I guess I’ll find out. I seriously need to repot the avocado trees, and lay out some more compost in the garden out front.

We’ve had some small, but very delicious harvests over the past week: beautiful beetroots (and greens), lots of basil, gorgeous figs. We have lots of eggplants & zucchini on the way, too.

As for cooking, I have a HUGE bunch of silverbeet, ready to be transformed into a vegan frittata for lunches this week. I’m also planning to use the rest of the cheezee sauce in a veggie lasagna for tonight’s dinner, so will do the two together as part of the ‘never cook just one thing in the oven’ program.


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