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Anyway project for February
February 8, 2011, 4:27 am
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Work has been very intense, and our poor puppy had a health emergency (she has recovered, thankfully), but we’re tracking ok. Here’s a progress report, & updated goals for Feb:

Domestic Infrastructure: STILL need to finish unpacking & sorting bedroom.

Household Economy: I managed to establish online access to mortgage account, but haven’t yet set up tracking system for household running costs (groceries, bills etc), so that’s this month’s goal.

Resource Consumption: The rainwater tank is here, and will be connected by the end of Feb. We still need to re-introduce ‘bucket in the shower’ system for catching extra water.

Cottage Industry and Subsistence: Still need to set up puppy-proof seedling nursery. Planted late tomatoes, and built sweet potato bed as planned. Sweet potatoes will go in this week. Need to plant asian veggies for winter (glad I didn’t do this before our heatwave!)

Family and Community: We still want to host an easy curry dinner for 6 with urban family members. We had a housewarming brunch with MrB’s family members last weeek, and are also hosting my mother’s birthday lunch in early March.

Outside Work: Still need to have performance review/goal setting meeting with boss by end of Feb (she has been on leave). Did well with organising tasks for my assistant, but was set back when she got a permanent job elsewhere! Found a short term replacement & effectively delegated some projects, more needs to be done for the sake of my longer term sanity.

Time and Happiness: Still the same: Walk the puppy. GO to yoga/gym 2-3 times a week. Have been very mindful around food/alcohol consumption since early Feb, and my goal is to continue that through to March.


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