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And, the southerly is here!
February 6, 2011, 4:07 am
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Which, for northern hemisphere readers, means we have a cool change. Given that yesterday was 41 celcius, the change could not come soon enough for most Sydney people. But we are still MUCH better off than all our Queensland & Victorian neighbours dealing with flooding.

Some of my basil had blown over yesterday, so I made a big batch of vegan pesto for the freezer. We went fruit & veggie shopping today, & bought a couple of pumpkins for $1.96 a kilo. They were small, and slightly flood damaged, but the price was good, so we’ll keep & eye on them & start cooking fast if there are any soft spots. I don’t think I’m going to get any joy from the pumpkins I planted (due to various factors), so we may be in for eating much less pumpkin than we’re used to. We also bought another 2 kilo bag of tomatoes for $2.99 – I’m making another batch of roasted pasta sauce for the freezer.

MrB built a new border for the side garden bed, and we dug through some dried grass clippings, mushroom compost and sheep manure this morning. The soil is pretty dead, but I decided to transplant my poor old pot-bound geraniums straight away (with a good watering in with diluted worm wee). I’ll add some more food before I plant the sweet potatoes mid week (to take advantage of the ‘root veggie’ moon in Taurus). I’m going to use a propagation technique I learned from Gardening Australia – using cuttings from my current sweet potato vine. If it works, it will be an amazingly easy way for us to grow LOTS of sweet potatoes.


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