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On not buying takeaways
January 24, 2011, 10:17 pm
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I have realised recently that most of my friends buy breakfast and lunch (including a couple of coffees & a cold drink) everyday at work.

At Sydney prices a coffee & a muffin would be $7.50, a coffee or cold drink would be at least $3 and a basic lunch (ie a toasted sandwich) would be $7 minimum. So at my most conservative estimate, that’s $17 a day.

I am not a morning person, and need my coffee – so I have learned to make a good strong espresso (in a Bialetti on the stove) everyday to get me out of the house. I mostly have breakfast at home, too, but if I’m running late, I can have cereal & single serve containers of soymilk from my stash at work. As a veggo who avoids cheese & eggs, I find my takeaway options are so limited, I’m better off bringing leftovers from home (unless I’m going to lunch with colleagues, as I am today).

My guess is the ingredients I use for my breakfasts and lunches cost about $10 a week, tops. That means I have $75 a week more to spend than my mates who buy takeways. I find that a bit mindboggling.


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