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We went the new homeowner trifecta today- we bought white goods, visited the garden shop and stopped at the petshop on the way home.

We had been planning to get a dishwasher, a small freezer and a gas cooktop. We checked with a plumber, and he’s happy to replace our old gasline, and install the new cooktop. So off we went to the January sales, with wish list in hand. We ended up going to a place we had originally written off as too expensive – after checking all the discount places, we came home to a letterbox full of junk mail, including a sale catalogue with exactly the freezer & dishwasher we had chosen, priced even lower than the sale prices we’d already seen. The salesman was happy to discount the cooktop we had chosen as part of the ‘package’, so we saved $415 on the list price overall.

The dishwasher is the most efficient for power and water usage – a 4.5 star rating for both. Even though we’re only going to use it for big bottling/ bulk cooking/ baking days and party cleanup, I still couldn’t justify it otherwise. But I’m happy we’ve got it!

And I’m also happy about the new freezer- it’s only 90 litres, but I think that’s plenty for the two of us. I’m looking forward to doing some serious bulk cooking – right now a couple of batches of beans & some bread rolls, and the freezer is pretty much full.

The garden shop had a sale too, so we picked up a grafted passionfruit vine, a big chilli plant clearly leftover from Christmas, some Alpine strawberries, a pot on lemongrass & a punnet of baby beetroot. I also grabbed some peat pots to start some winter veggies in the shade on the patio- so far I have started some leeks and Tuscan kale, & I plan to start some broccoli & cabbage this afternoon. With the floods in so many growing areas, I expect veg will be pretty dear in the next few months.


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