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Electric stove, your days are numbered
December 16, 2010, 1:06 pm
Filed under: budgeting, enviro, food, vegan eating

Despite having gas hot water at our new home, we are cursed with an electric cooktop and oven. I gather electric ovens are reasonably efficient (if you cook in batches), but electric cooktops are the pits. They not only use heaps of energy, they take ages to heat up, & are impossible to adjust while cooking.

We plant to get a gas cooktop (and possibly oven) in the new year, ideally in a bundle with a new rangehood, a new toaster and an upright freezer. In the meantime I’m trying to manage the electric stove irritation by making coffee on my gas camping stove (I use a stovetop espresso), and trying to be a bit clever when cooking on the stovetop.

For example, I made a curry for dinner, but turned off the heat before all the ingredients were cooked through; then left the covered pot on the hot burner to finish cooking.

We have a slowcooker (also electric, but uses less power than the stove), but I’m also trying to plan ahead to use my thermal cooker, which uses no power at all after the first 10 minutes. Today I made a big batch of lentils for dal, and blackbeans for my handy chilli mix (which I use in all kinds of mexican style dishes). My thermal cooker is an ebay cheapie, but it does the job.


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