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A little more bulk shopping… and some planting.
December 15, 2010, 2:54 am
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I was lucky enough to win an award at work that had a cash prize attached. I’m going to reserve most of the very handy pre holiday windfall for treats (ie our fancy Xmas/New Year lunch), but I decided that as I was working form home for a couple of days (and could be around for a courier), I would make my first bulk purchase from Honest to Goodness .

I tried to be quite pragmatic and only order items it would be hard to source in local shops (ie pecans, Australian walnuts); and bulk organic items that I use frequently, but are very pricey to buy in small amounts (ie tamari, tahini, and soymilk). My order came to exactly 20kg, so I was able to pay the minimum shipping cost of $5.95.

I’ve been very happy with the prices & service from all my bulk-order companies so far – even with shipping costs, I’ve paid less than I would in shops, and I’ve been able to re-build a bit of a stockpile of staples.

I also planted 4 Golden Nugget (compact) pumpkin seeds last night , plus a couple of new cucumber seeds (since my transplanted seedlings don’t seem to be particularly happy). Despite being REALLY tired, Mr B kindly helped me start the first batch of compost in the aerobin too (we lined it with sugarcane mulch to help drainage, then added a nice damp mix of kitchen scraps, shredded packing paper and sheep manure). I’ll give the veggies a big dose of seaweed tonic this afternoon. Now that my garden is starting to take off too, I feel like we are building a real base for adapting in place.


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