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Veggie bed plans
December 1, 2010, 10:40 pm
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We are putting together a modified version of no-dig veggie beds on the weekend. I just ordered delivery of 4 bales of lucerne mulch and 4 bales of sugarcane mulch (much cheaper, but not as rich) for delivery in the morning. What we don’t use in the raised beds, we’ll keep for the perennial beds I’m planning to put in down the side of the yard.

I also ordered a cubic metre of organic garden mix (for the very top layer), and a cubic metre of planter box mix for the layers underneath. My logic was… I want to plant seeds, rather than mature plants, so I need the beds to be a little more ‘prepared’ than the typical no dig bed. Since the sides are raised about 50 cm, I have included the planter box mix (which has sand mixed in) for drainage.

We need to go pick up some sheep manure from the hardware store on the weekend, and I’ll grab a sort length of PVC pipe, too, so we can include a worm feeder in each bed. The very bottom layer will be made of soaked cardboard boxes, which, post move, we have in abundance. I’ll make sure we take some photos of the process.


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