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Re-named and re-jigged
November 12, 2010, 3:20 am
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I have changed the name of my blog, so I no longer disappoint googlers in search of dungeons. It’s now more WYSIWYG ie  just me, my man, & our Better Home… dungeon-free.

We have survived our move and are rapidly adding to the list of repairs needed in our new house. The previous owners were ‘gifted’ the house by a parent, ended up mortgaging it due to bad management, and apparently were a week away from losing to the bank when it sold. It has a fancy kitchen & back deck, but a broken shower door, shonky hot water service, damaged window frames etc etc. It actually feels like a place where the owner wouldn’t spend on anything for their own comfort, but would spend on things that ‘show’. Very strange, but we will work through the list of to-dos & make it a home. And that brings me to the next installment of the Anyway Project – now with slightly altered category names. According to Sharon Astyk, the re-jigged categories are:

Domestic Infrastructure – these are the realities of home life, including making your home work better with less, getting organized, dealing with domestic life, etc…

Household Economy: Financial goals, making ends meet, saving, barter etc…

Resource Consumption : in which we use less of stuff, and strive to live in a way that has an actual future.

Cottage Industry and Subsistence:: The things we do that prevent us from needing to buy things, and the things we produce that go out into the world and provide for others. Not everyone will do both, but it is worth encouraging.

Family and Community: Pretty much what it sounds like. How do we enable those to take the place of collapsing infrastructure?

Outside Work: Finding a balance, doing good work, serving the larger community as much as we can, within our need to make a living.

Time and Happiness: Those things without which there’s really no point.

My goals for this month are:

Domestic Infrastructure: Unpack! Dispose of or re-gift anything that I don’t need, love or use.

Household Economy: Establish online access to mortgage account, work out our new ‘joint account’ system. Set up insurance through my superannuation fund.

Resource Consumption: Source and order rainwater tanks.

Cottage Industry and Subsistence: Build no-dig veggie beds.

Family and Community: Have a minor house warming (nothing spectacular, no stress).

Outside Work:  Make sure I have a written position description for new role (2011- onwards) by 21 December.

Time and Happiness: Re-join the pool/gym at work and GO at least twice a week.


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