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Sharon Astyk has transformed/developed her proposal for a ‘Whole Life Redesign’ into the Anyway Project. Her categories are currently defined as follows. I’ve just copied them for now, and have jotted down a few note regarding how I might apply them in my context. I may yet rename or adapt them, but this is just a beginning…

-Domestic Economy

Home life. How we set up systems in the new house to make it work for both of us. How we decorate, & share space, with each other, with family, with friends. How I contribute as a partner.

– Household Economy

How we work out the budget, now we’re home-owners, not renters. How we balance setting up (and enjoying) our home versus paying down the mortgage.

– Resource Consumption

The solar panels & rainwater tank are part of this. Also use of grey water, and shutting out drafts etc when the weather gets colder.

– Farm and Subsistence

For me, this will be about the garden. Finally I will have garden beds, not a shady courtyard. How do we maximise yields?

– Family and Community

Getting to know our neighbours, and our new neighbourhood. How will I make time for our current group of friends, once we’re geographically further away?

– Outside Work

I feel very secure now I have been made permanent, but I have the kind of job that expands to fit the time I give to it. I could work 6 days a week, and still have more work to do. How do I build healthy boundaries, and still achieve what I need (and want) to achieve?

– Time and Happiness

Balancing all the above! And having alone time, or time where I’m not obligated to do anything.


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