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The new garden prep continues…
October 10, 2010, 7:04 am
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We decided to build our no-dig beds from corrugated iron (thanks to inspiration from the awesome Costa’s Garden Odyssey). This morning we set out to Marrickville, to check Reverse Garbage & The Bower, just on the off chance they had some. No sooner had Mr B quipped, “we’ll probably have to go to a builder’s yard” than he came upon a big pile of corro sheets, and some wooden posts that looked ideal for building corner frames. We got 3 sheets and the bundle of posts (around 6 in all) for $20.

Edited to add: Phew! According the SBS website, Costa’s pre-fab garden beds were 3metres long by 1metre wide and about 50cm deep and cost about $550. We’re are only building two beds, not three, and will need to spend extra time measuring & cutting. Still, salvage materials are clearly substantially cheaper than kits, if you are prepared to put in the time & labour.

Inspired by the new purchase, I started some seeds that will be ready for the new beds in November. I planted half a dozen each of freckles lettuce, radicchio, regular green cos, broccoli and coriander. Hopefully everything will be ready for a decent harvest around Christmas time. In addition to starting capsicum, eggplant and pumpkin on the 15th, I’ve decided to start some beans, Lebanese cucumber and Roma tomato, plus some marigolds, nasturtium & heartsease, to plant out with the veg. I have some alyssum, too, but will sow that directly in the new beds.

So that’s the new garden beds planned, and on the way to being populated. Very happy-making.


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