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September 27, 2010, 4:23 am
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I have said more than once that I’m not going to plant anymore til we move… but Spring has got the better of me. I am experimenting with seed for ‘compact’  zucchini & cucumbers… the packets claim they have full sized fruits, but won’t sprawl so crazily. I’m also trying to propagate some new chilli plants from seeds from our decrepit jalapeno plant. Since I’m being thrifty, & re-using existing pots (and using up the bags of seed raising mix & potting mix we already have), MrB has given me his blessing, & we’re quite keen to see what grows.

Also on the thrifty homemaking front, I made up a great salad yesterday from a mix of roast brussels sprouts, carrot, beetroot, onion & daikon radish. I roasted the veg in olive oil & my Moroccan spice mix, then mixed them with a drained tin of chickpeas, some marinated artichoke hearts, some cooked quinoa, & some garden greens. I topped the lot with a dollop of tahini thinned with orange juice. The whole meal was primarily designed to use up assorted CSA veg that needed eating, so I wasn’t expecting great results – but the outcome was delicious. I have concluded almost any combination of veggies, cooked or raw, can be the basis of a good salad PROVIDED they are fresh, & well seasoned.

The thrift continued with a batch of apple/carrot muffins (8 went in the freezer), a broccoli/chickpea/olive pasta sauce (also destined for the freezer) and some homemade parsley/walnut/sundried tomato vegan pesto (I use nutritional yeast instead of cheese). It was very satisfying to turn random objects that looked like they might perish in the crisper into the basis of future good eatin’.


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