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Some recent purchases, some plans & a product review
September 18, 2010, 11:29 pm
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My skin is fairly dry, and gets VERY dry over winter. I decided to try the organic Damask Rose moisturiser from Alfalfa House. It’s sold in a bulk container, so I took along a clean, empty moisturiser pot to refill. Since it’s expensive (but highly concentrated) I only bought a little to begin with. Anyway, I’m delighted with the results: it smells lovely, & feels very nourishing without being heavy or greasy.

I’ve listed the ingredients for interested locals: almonds, avocado, fresh rose petal extract, sesame, carrot, rose otto, geranium, calendula, wheatgerm, chamomile, natural vitamin E, coconut oil

My other triumphant purchase was reusable BPA-free canning lids for my collection of jars from Redback Trading. I discovered their existence last year on Sharon Astyks’s food preservation yahoo list, but the company, Tattler, doesn’t ship to Australia. I found a good US forwarding service this month, & ordered 3 dozen lids and rings, which arrived this week with no hitches. I’m looking forward to the first sign of cheap strawberries (should be soon!), so I can test the new lids on some homemade jam. I bought low-sugar pectin last year, too, so I’m looking forward to trying that out as well.

I dropped my formal recording of ‘Independence Days‘ activities a while back (due to work stress, bad gardening weather & general all-too-muchness), but I still feel on track in a way. I recommend reading Sharon Astyk’s blog & book, & having a go at a personal version of the challenge. I’ve developed a habit now of trying new things in the kitchen & garden, & learning new skills bit by bit. I don’t think I would have maintained my learning without the framework of the challenge.


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