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September 18, 2010, 5:02 am
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After a winter of job insecurity limbo, I learned my short-term contract had been converted to a continuing position. This has been great for our house-hunting confidence, though the universe hasn’t responded with the magical deluge of available properties I was hoping for.

Still, we are full of Spring energy. I potted a Tiny Tim tomato seedling & some parsley seedlings, but other than that, there will be no more plants til we move. The existing plants are super happy though – geraniums, snow peas & fruit trees in full bloom, leafy greens going crazy, new leaves & fruit on the fig. Gorgeous.

Am trying to break out of my winter cocoon & do more exercise. It’s hard with full time work & part time study, but I know I’ll feel so much better for it. also trying to get lots of calcium, omega 3 & protein to keep my energy up. That, plus enough fresh veg & enough sleep should keep me going. Am making a big minestrone in the slow-cooker today with my homemade spicy seitan sausage, & lots of  beans & greens. Will also make up a batch of muesli bars to keep in the freezer for quick, mobile snacks.

But woman cannot keep her sanity via good nutition alone: I’m taking a week off in October to relax at home, & start packing books etc (I know, optimistic), and then will work like a trouper til December, when I’ll take a full 3 week break.


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