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August 30, 2010, 9:58 am
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The elegantly de-cluttered garden

I went out dancing on Saturday night, and didn’t get up till 11, but still had enough mojo left to respond to Mr B’s call to action – backyard style.

We did a major cleanup, pulled out tonnes of grass, green-binned all the dead or dying plants, and tipped the spent potting mix into the only actual garden bed (where I also buried the bokashi gunk).

I moved the remaining pots into the centre of the courtyard, to catch maximum sun. From foreground to background you can see:

the dwarf macadamia,

a foam box of turnip greens,

a foam box of silver beet, radishes & garlic,

the multigraft stonefruit tree,

the multigraft citrus,

the Hass avocado,

the dwarf Eureka lemon, and

two Fuerte avocados. We repotted the one on the right, as it wasn’t draining well in the old pot, & started to look droopy.

You can see the (still bare) Genoa fig on the righthand side, with a struggling chilli & some shallots.

I gave everything a scatter of dynamic lifter, a good drenching with seaweed solution, & a nice thick lucerne mulch. I won’t be planting anything new til we move, but I want the existing plants to stay happy.


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