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Hung Sunday
August 21, 2010, 11:58 pm
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We had a federal election in Australia, yesterday. Thanks to the contemporary obsession with polling, both major parties ran almost identical campaigns. As I have observed (bitterly), both parties’ obsession with ‘working families’ does not include adults caring for disabled siblings, or elderly relatives, and doesn’t recognise non-biological kinship at all, so me and ‘my kind’ are pretty much screwed whoever gets in. Also, both major parties are anti same-sex marriage, and seem to believe we are going to be overrun with ‘boat people’ aka asylum seekers from places like Sri Lanka and Aghanistan.

This has resulted in a record vote for the Greens (the only party who are serious about climate change, and  support the rights of asylum seekers,  supports same-sex marriage etc etc). They are now our legitimate 3rd party, and will control the senate in what could be a hung parliament. There will be at least 10 days of counting & re-counting, and no doubt masses of horse-trading along the way. Sigh.

Anyway, today’s activities will include a (somewhat subdued) picnic in the park with friends, mixing up a batch of grapefruit cordial & putting together some lunches for this week. Currently I’m planning to make a vegan silverbeet (aka chard) spanokopita, and a quinoa pilaf to take to work with greens & a big dollop of homemade mediterranean relish. Our veggie box won’t be ready til Wednesdays from now on, and I am guessing the contents won’t be up til tomorrow. For this transition week, we’ll just pick up some bits to supplement what we already have in the pantry/fridge for dinner tomorrow & Tuesday. I think I’ll just do a veggie curry tonight, as I have a container of dal in the freezer, ready to go, & I can take leftovers to dinner at uni on Tues.


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