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This week’s veg & weeknight menu plans
August 7, 2010, 4:10 am
Filed under: budgeting, CSA, food

Veggies: English spinach, baby cos lettuce, potatoes, carrots, pak choy, and brussels sprouts.

Fruit: oranges, bananas, mandarins, grapefruit and avocados.

I’m tossing the last of the cauliflower tomorrow in olive oil, cumin & coriander seeds, and roasting it with some non-csa onion, zucchini & tomato. I’ll mix them with cooked quinoa, chickpeas & greens for work lunches early in the week.

Taking lunch or dinner (and snacks) to work everyday is the secret to budgeting, as far as I’m concerned. I carry my travel mug & teabags to uni at night, in case I start to fade.

I’m getting into cooking two small serves of casserole-style meals (like the shepherd’s pie) in separate 1 litre pyrex containers, too. One container is perfect for a dinner for two, and I snap the lid on the other & store it in the freezer to reheat later. It’s a handy way to ensure we always have a backup dinner for night when we’re both out late, or are just to wrecked to cook, & definitely cuts down on takeaways.

Monday: Mexican style bean & veggie wraps with salad. (I made a big batch of spicy black beans in the slow cooker last night)

Tuesday: Mixed greens pastry (from the freezer), or leftover bean wraps plus a mandarin for me (at uni), DIY for Mr B.

Wednesday: Tofu noodle stirfry

Thursday: Vegan shepherd’s pie & salad

Friday: Veg curry, dahl and rice.


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I am hoping to go to the Asian market on Sunday to look for a bento set up for me and my youngest son. I agree that we can save a lot by packing our own.

Comment by Tammy McLeod

The whole menu sounds fantastic! I LOVE veggie shepherd’s pie. I love stir-fry! And curry with dahl! I am also roasting cauliflower this week. I’ve never done it before – any tips?

Your plan of cooking in the two containers is really smart and sounds so convenient. I’ll look around and see if I can find that type of container! Are the lids on the Pyrex airtight enough to prevent freezer-burn with no additional wrapping? That would make things so simple…

Comment by scrumptious

Glad you like it 🙂

The containers are designed to be used in the freezer, and while I wouldn’t guarantee them for months & months, I’ve never had any issues with frostiness or freezer-burn. Pyrex has recently launched a range with a vent in the lid for microwaving, so the ‘classic’ model may be a little cheaper as a result.

I bought mine at a local factory outlet, and it was very good value.

As for cauliflower – it roasts exactly like any other veggie. Just toss in olive oil, salt & pepper, throw in a hot oven & check after 20 mins, then every 10 mins after that. The edges shrivel & get brown, but the caramelisation factor adds to the flavour (in my opinion, anyway). If you have lemons, add lots of lemon zest & whole garlic cloves to the oil – makes a great side dish.

Comment by msbetterhomes

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