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Macro style winter sesame/tofu/veggie stew
July 24, 2010, 4:48 am
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I improvised this recipe yesterday, drawing on inspiration from macrobiotic cooking (macro chefs wouldn’t use stock powder or frozen tofu!). It turned out to be delicious – really hearty & warming. I thought I’d better record it here so I can remember to make it again.

Serves two (with leftovers), or four if served over cooked rice or other grain.

Winter sesame/tofu/veggie stew

One onion

large clove of garlic

a 3-4 cm chunk of ginger

Carrot (large)

Daikon (small)

Potato (4 small or 2 medium)

Pumpkin (about one cup)

Broccoli (fist sized – use any green veggie you have to hand)

375 gm block of firm tofu, fresh or frozen (if frozen, thaw & squeeze out excess water before use)

A handful of of dried shitake mushrooms

A handful of dried arame sea vegetable threads

A tablespoon of light miso

A tablespoon of tahini

Veggie stock or water with a few drops of tamari added (I used Marigold vegan low salt stock powder)

A tablespoon of olive oil

Chopped green onion & parsley to garnish (optional)

Slice onion, garlic & ginger, & cut veggies & tofu into generous cubes/chunks. Saute onion, garlic  & ginger in olive oil, add cubed root veggies and cover with water & stock. Cover & simmer til just softening. Add other veggies, tofu, shitakes & arame. Stir, cover & simmer over low heat til root veg are tender (pumpkin & broccoli may disintegrate, if you want them firmer, add them later in the process). Add miso & tahini to a small bowl mix with water til you have a smooth paste. Gently stir paste into main pot (off the heat if you want to preserve miso’s probiotic qualities), and serve, topped with finely chopped greens.


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