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Self-catering in London
June 28, 2010, 3:34 pm
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I’m in London for a week, on a work trip. It’s midsummer, which means peak season. Food here is not SUPER expensive – but it isn’t super cheap either. For example, I treated myself to a really good vegan cooked breakfast & a double espresso at Mrs Marengo’s in Soho this morning, while I waited to check in to my hotel, & it cost 10 pounds, or about $17 Australian. That’s about what a weekend breakfast ‘out’ would cost me in Sydney – but I don’t feel comfortable spending that kind of money on every meal for a week (though I will need to buy a coffee every day).

My allocated funds from work are somewhat limited, and I’m planning to spend them on transport, & the very occasional restaurant meal. Of course, my accomodation is covered too, & I’m staying in a good clean (if generic) budget hotel… but alas, it doesn’t have fridges in the rooms. This puts something of a cramp in my self-catering plans, but I’ll work around it. I have the tools I require: my metal water bottle (carried empty & uncapped through security, then filled on the other side), the funky meal kit pictured above, and a small folding sharp knife/bottle opener combo.

I also have a selection of teabags (I really need a cup of chamomile when I wake up all freaky & jet-lagged in the night), and 5 or 6 20 gm sachets of sugar-free soymilk powder. I discovered the powdered soy in Chinatown a while back, and gleefully bought a box – it’s very hard to find it unsweetened. It’s perfect for mixing up as needed while travelling, and, of course, needs no refrigeration. I just went to the supermarket and bought a box of muesli, an almond & raisin nibble mix for snacking, some seeded crackers and a 3 pack of 150gm tins of cannelini beans. There are lots of small shops with salad bars around here, so my plan is to pick up a few plain salads, & top them the beans to make a light meal with crackers on the side. Berries are in season here, so my desserts are covered đŸ™‚

Even with my own little meal kit, I suspect I’ll still be buying more pre-packaged stuff than I usually do – especially as I’m having to buy all the perishable food as a single serve . Ah well, life is compromise.


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