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You can only eat so much soup…
June 18, 2010, 2:05 am
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However, I have discovered that most of the virtues of a good bean & veggie soup can be replicated by a big batch of bean burgers. I don’t use eggs in mine, but tend to add a couple of tablespoons of gluten flour to the mix, & they hold together fine.

They’re a great way to use a big batch of cooked beans, and any veggies that have been around too long, or just need using up (ie silverbeet or parsley stems, celery tops etc). I use either stale bread or oats to bulk them up, but it would be fine to use cooked grain as well. I also roll my burgers in dry polenta before cooking, to give them a crispy crust.

I tend to fry up an onion/garlic/veggie mix first, and stir into into the mashed beans & filler, with any sauces or seasonings I want to add. If any of the ingredients are bulky or tough, I use the food processor – but mostly I do it by hand.

Leftovers are great in a sandwich or wrap, and freeze really well, too.


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