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Saving $$ in winter
June 7, 2010, 11:46 pm
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Sydney winters are not especially cold, but most of our houses are so badly insulated that it feels much colder. As this article observes, “Australians in general fail to rug up sufficiently during the colder months”. Even when it’s cold & pouring rain (as it was last week) most Sydney people are in denial, most of the time. No coat, no boots, a tiny folding umbrella – and freezing as a result. Bizarrely, waterproof (as opposed to water resistant) coats & boots are super-expensive here too, which doesn’t help.

In my sensible middle age, I have been reverting to my North American heritage, and investing in things like wool socks, waterproof boots & raincoats – mostly bought online (and on sale) from the Northern Hemisphere.

Mr B and I do use the heater & electric blanket in cold weather, but only for a couple of hours – to take the chill off when we first come home from work, or to warm the bed up before we hop in.  We will both reach for socks or a jumper before putting the heater on, as a rule. I do more baking in winter, too, so the oven warms the living area up a bit, and we have a queen size quilt on the couch which we snuggle under while watching TV. We manage to keep our electricity bill under control as a result.


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