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Kitchen & garden updates
May 7, 2010, 10:54 am
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My dinners for Wed & Thurs went as per my menu plan (and were delicious). We were both dubious about the swede (I’ve had some horrible old swede in soup mixes from the fruit shop), but fresh swede bakes beautifully. I added some mushroom miso gravy to the chickpea cutlets at the last minute – I made it up as I went along, & it thickened up frighteningly quickly, but the meal overall was a success.

I made up a big minestrone style veggie soup to use up all the bits & pieces that are unlikely to survive til Sunday night. Dinner was Not Meat pies (with a filling made with Sanitarium nutmeat, onion, garlic, mushrooms & zucchini, plus a little tomato passata & red wine); roast potatoes & salad. My 3 snowpea harvest made much more of an impact in the salad than expected – fantastically fresh & yummy.


The ants are still going ballistic… trooping around, farming scale wherever they please (including up the stalks of the lemon balm, damn them).

I’m considering whether or not I should harvest the sweet potato soon, or leave it a little longer. The volunteer principe borgese tomatoes are going beautifully… and get quite a lot of afternoon sun, so we may yet get decent cherry tomatoes in winter 🙂 The fig tree has 5 or 6 fruit coming, the salad greens are all booming, and the fennel & other herbs are going really well, too.

I also seem to have lots of food for the garden, too – the worms have finally produced enough castings that I can make worm tea, & the bokashi bin is sweltering away. With the cooler weather & sunshine, the plants are happy happy happy. We’re going away for the weekend, so I’ll give it all a huge drink in the morning. I’m hoping to get some good new season apples on the way home, so there may be some preserving on the cards later in the week.


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