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This week’s fruit & veg box
May 2, 2010, 10:17 am
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I’m working til 8 tomorrow, & Mr B is having dinner with his folks, so I’ll be having veggie soup from the freezer when I get home. BUT we will have our first week’s box from Food Connect, and the contents have been revealed:

FRUIT: Apples, bananas. kiwifruit, limes, oranges
VEGGIES: potatoes, corn, turnips, beetroot, pumpkin, spring onions, chinese broccoli and tomatoes.

We cracked up when we saw this, as we have a LOT of potato & pumpkin in the house (we buy our pumpkins whole & they’re 49c a kilo at the moment).

I’m sure the potato will taste a lot fresher than our bulk-buy numbers though. We have all kinds of leafy greens & herbs in the garden, & we bought mushrooms & avocados on the weekend, as I suspected they wouldn’t come in the box… I think we’ll work out some good meals. I definitely see some form of pumpkin fritter/potato pancake fusion in our future. Our very near future.


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