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Thinking about self-sufficiency
April 29, 2010, 11:19 pm
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Mr B recently told me (joking, but with an undercurrent) that as far as he was concerned, the time & energy of setting up garden beds in our (wished for) new house would ONLY be justified if it meant we were self-sufficient in fruit & veg.

Now, in a ideal world we could probably get close in some specific areas. I read a blog post somewhere that claimed that an individual could, in theory be fed by 9 square metres. If we had 18 for two of us, plus space for our fruit trees (most of which are dwarf), and a couple of extra beds for potatoes & perennials like asparagus AND unlimited sun & water & enough compost etc, we *could* theoretically do it. But I think it would be tricky.

For now, we are mostly self-sufficient in herbs (except for coriander, that just will not grow for me), and salad greens. And that’s probably the best we can expect in an inner city courtyard. Sigh.


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