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Farmer direct veggie experiment!
April 25, 2010, 6:54 am
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I just signed up for four weeks of fruit & veggie boxes from Sydney Food Connect, a community supported agriculture project. We’ve ordered the small size, since Mr B is not a huge veg eater, and much as I love kale etc, there’s only so much I can eat in a week. The small box costs $35, which is about what we spend on veg in a week, & pick-up is only a couple of blocks away. We’ll probably need to make occasional runs to the fruit shop mid-week for extra staples like pumpkin, sweet potato etc, but the extra expense should be minimal.

The Sydney basin is pretty good for growing food over winter (we rarely get frosts), so I think 4 weeks will be a fair trial period. We’ll get our first box next week, which I imagine will be pretty similar to this week, ie  oranges, bananas and kiwifruit, broccoli, red cabbage, mushrooms, brussels sprouts, potatoes, kale, eggplant, and garlic.

I’ll post updates on our progress (and dig out some recipes for brussels sprouts).


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Oh, the joys of being in Australia. Kiwis in your CSA box! I’m a big advocate of community supported agriculture and my kitchen is currently overrun by beetroot. I hope you enjoy yours.

Comment by Tammy McLeod

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