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Warm Autumn gardening
April 21, 2010, 11:49 pm
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We’re still having unseasonably warm weather – about 17 at night, 25 in the day. I must say it really suits me, & if I could find a climate that was like this most of the year, I’d be a happy grrl.

We did a big declutter in the back yard, and put some surplus pots & baskets out on the street to share the love with the locals. Of course, they were quickly snaffled.

I’ve been harvesting lots of greens, including the few mature tuscan kale leaves I was able to save from the caterpillars. I’m getting a massive harvest of pak choi thinnings now, too. I had to instigate a reign of terror on bugs last week, but I seem to have killed them all now. Likewise the scale that was attacking my poor fig tree. I’ve ordered a tanglefoot glue & banding kit from Green Harvest to help keep the ants out of the fruit trees – we’re really being overrun, & they farm the scale like crazy.

Each time I think we’ve had the last chilli or cucumber, the plants prove me wrong. Production has slowed, but they’re still ticking along.

I harvested hundreds of jerusalem artichokes from my very small planting (one, chopped in bits, planted in a foam box). I’m still contemplating the best way to cook them up – have found a recipe for relish that looks pretty good.

Edited to add: was just out drizzling water from the ‘shower bucket’ over my seedlings, & realised the broccolli rabe has indeed germinated. Hurrah!


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