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The dirt on photo voltaic solar cells
April 16, 2010, 11:57 pm
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Mr B & I attended a City of Sydney info session on pv solar cells (these are the electricity generating kind, not solar hot water systems).

We learned what we needed to know, ie:

-There is a NSW Govt scheme that will pay 60c per kW hour generated (guaranteed for the next 7 years), and that some electricity providers will add and extra 6c per kW hr. This plus the other subsidies means that people who install by 2012 will pay have their systems paying for themselves within a couple of years.

-There is a major subsidy in the form of RECs (or renewable energy credits) being offered, and info on who offers it & why can be found via the Office of Renewable Energy Regulation.

– A well-installed solar system should last for 25 years, and many have warranties that last that long. Buyers hould make sure that ALL aspects of the system have valid warranties: the cells, the frame that holds them on the roof, the inverter that allows you to use the power AND the installation itself.

– Installers should have Clean Energy Council acccreditation, should be able to show you this accreditation, and should provide all theses warranties as a bundle. If they can’t, don’t buy from them.

-Solar systems should be included in general home & contents insurance – but you need to make sure they’re listed.

-That we could get away with a 1.5kW system, but probably should go for 2 kW.

– Sydney residents can compare different providers and systems at the Climate Clever Shop (details below)

We were already motivated to go solar, but this session really helped us think about how & where to go for info & service.

Welcome to ClimateClever Shop

ClimateClever Shop is a joint initiative of Willoughby City Council, North Sydney Council, Lane Cove Council, Ku-ring-gai Council and Hunters Hill Council. Our goal is to help residents install systems in their homes to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Working with local businesses

By working together with local suppliers, we can offer our residents discounted prices on solar hot water systems, solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, heat pumps and rainwater tanks.

To start, simply click on one of the product categories below, or read more about how to use this website.

Solar Hot Water Solar PV Panels Heat Pumps Rainwater Tanks
Solar Hot Water Solar PV Panels Heat Pumps Rainwater Tanks



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