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Long weekend – kitchen & garden adventures.
April 3, 2010, 6:04 am
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The feral pumpkin vine refused to make pumpkins, so has been chopped up & sacrificed to the green waste gods. It will be off to become Marrickville Council compost this week, along with vast amounts of dying jerusalem artichoke stems, & assorted weeds that needed to go in the bin before they go to seed.

Our bokashi bucket went mouldy in the heat, and the bokashi mission had to be aborted due to an unreasonably high level of stinkiness. I had a deep pot with some very old, tough silverbeet that was past its prime, so I decided to sacrifice it to bury the mouldy relics. I put a layer of potting mix on top, & sowed pak choy very heavily on top – I figure we can eat the thinnings in salad, then let some grow up completely.

I also pulled out some tough old purslane & silverbeet from one of my foam boxes, buried some rotten vegie gunk in it, and sowed new endive, silver beet, tuscan kale & rocket.

I still want to try broccoli rabe, but it seems to need the weather to be a bit cooler for germination.


The long weekend’s kitchen activities will involve constructing a veggie moussaka, and making a new batch of lime cordial. We’re also making our first attempt at vegan gnocchi, and bought a mouli today to make the super-fluffy mash. It was a ‘want’ rather than a ‘need’, but we do like mash in winter, and will also be able to use it to make pasta sauce (blending whole tomatoes turns the sauce orange, but putting it through a mouli gives lovely, red, skin-free sauce).


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