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Moving thoughts
March 30, 2010, 11:29 pm
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Even though we’re nowhere close to buying our new place yet, we’ve already started to think of this place as somewhere we’re moving from soon-ish.

This means:

* Eating down some stock-piled pantry supplies so we don’t have to move them (which will save on grocery bills).

* Minimising new planting (especially of anything that will grow big or tall).

* Beginning another round of slow sorting and decluttering, so we don’t have to pack as much ‘stuff’.

After our last move I realised I had carted an ugly wedding gift (from my first marriage, in the ’90s) from house to house for 15 years at least! Craziness – sold it on e-bay, and hope the purchaser enjoys it.

I’ll mostly freecycle and give to op-shops this time around – I find the ebay selling process a bit fiddly, and would rather keep my freebie karma good. I am a believer in ‘what goes around, comes around’, especially when it comes to sharing resources.

I’m working from home today, but will do a freezer & pantry inventory in my breaks in order to start a menu-planning process that helps us use up some bulky/perishable supplies.

Edited to add: I set my timer, & did a 15 minute de-clutter a la Flylady – and wound up with a bag full of papers for the recycling bin. I also fished out some frozen chickpeas (to make chickpea cutlets for dinner), and retrieved a bag of oats and a bag of yellow split peas from the pantry. Both will go on the menu for the next fortnight.


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