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Motivation and the blahs
March 30, 2010, 6:02 am
Filed under: about me

I have a lot on, and lots of it involves long projects, with ill-formed boundaries. Plus I’m on the road to Mortgage Land, and reading news stories like this. I’m feeling a bit burnt out at the moment, so am trying to take action on a couple of fronts.

1) I’m taking Floravital, a herbal iron supplement, in case my fibroid-enhanced periods have run my iron levels down.

2) I’m taking Bach flower remedies – a mix of Walnut (aka Pluto Juice), Hornbeam, Willow, Oak and Elm.

Hopefully this will help on the body/spririt level… my mind may be a tougher nut to crack, though a long weekend will help. I actually do have a psychologist I check in with every so often for a ‘tune-up’. Even if it’s only twice or three times a year,  it’s good to have a sounding board, unrelated to work or home, not a close friend, but totally trustworthy. I will make an appointment if moping persists.


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